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We aim to tread lightly on this precious planet of ours.  We recycle packaging where ever possible, and choose courier satchels made from 80% recycled material.


Environmental responsibility is a critical important.  We are very aware of the controversy surrounding palm wax.  Our candles are made from sustainably-sourced palm wax.  We work with a local importer who is an active member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), who supports a small, family-owned business producing Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO).  Both are involved with Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, and all wax comes from peninsular Malaysia (none from Indonesia).  Certificates available on request.

Palm oil is an amazing crop and yields more oil per square meter than any other plant-based crop.  It is natural, non-toxic and uses no pesticides.  It has a longer shelf life, so less chance of rancidity.

We choose to stay away from petroleum-based products, such as paraffin wax, as there are a great deal of studies that confirm that they give off toxic fumes when burnt.  

We do not use soy waxes, as a matter of principle.  The Soy Lobby is a powerful organisation, funded partially by the US government.  While soy is promoted as "pure and natural", it is all sourced out of the US and genetically modified.  Being a mono-crop is uses large amounts of pesticides.  The oil is extracted from the crushed seeds using hexane, the compound found in petrol.  It is then chlorine bleached before hydrogenation.  Soy is also strongly linked to huge deforestation, albeit less widely publicised and soil depletion.

Beeswax is amazing, however, there are very limited supplies that come at a premium, due to the terrible colony-collapsing issues that bees face.

Unfortunately, within the candle industry, there is no ideal wax, no "silver bullet".  As with any industry, there are always some "bad eggs".  We fully acknowledge the environmental considerations around waxes, and that there are conflicting opinions out there.  We respect yours may be different from ours, and welcome helpful suggestions for ongoing improvements.   

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