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Caring for your pillar candle will ensure you get the best burn and life out of your candle.




  • Trimming your wick to 1cm before each burn will help to prevent smoking and to keep the burn pool clean, and extends the lifespan of your candle.

  • Preferably use a sharp pair of scissors to trim your wick.  Alternatively, you can pinch off the blackened tip with your fingertips, but always ensure your candle is completely cooled before trimming the wick.


  • To get the best life out of your candle, the initial lighting should form a pool of wax that covers almost the entire top of the candle, leaving a 0.5 - 1 cm rim.

  • The first burn should ideally be for 1-3 hours.

  • This will help create a burn memory and prevent tunnelling.

  • Allowing your candle to have a good melt pool will maximise fragrance delivery.

  • Burn your candle for 3-4 hours at a time to achieve optimum burn and longevity, but no longer than 4 hours.  

  • Allow wax to completely cool between burns to maximise burn time.


Storing candles for long periods can affect the scent & wax, so be sure to light them and enjoy them often to make the most of their glorious fragrance. Being alive IS the special occasion!

Please see CANDLE SAFETY for more information about safe handling of candles.

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