Hand-crafted Eco-luxury Candles

Drishti's unique candles are created using traditional tools and methods. They provide a complete calming atmosphere through ambiance and aromas using the best in pure 100% essential oils. Due to the quality of natural wax and bees wax, the process of infusion and the highest quality 100% cotton wicks, Drishti Candles have a long life.

We have a wide range of pillars plus our Unique and Rare Tealight candle packs with 100% essential oils.  And new to Drishti are our fabulous new Glass Container Candles with Wooden Wicks!  They have been designed by us and are made of hand-blown and cut 4-5mm thick glass with food-grade sealed bamboo lid.

If you have any enquiries or for wholesale info please contact us.

Lighting the way with Love,

Tamaryn & Jeremy

Authentic, affordable, long-lasting aromatherapy & light. Fuel your need for quality


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